Legacy Gold Package

A GOLD Membership gives you everything you will need to write your memories along with the tools to keep you motivated.

This product comes with the following vouchers:

  • $40.00 discount on a product.


Here’s what is included in the GOLD Package:

  • Digital Copy of Your Legacy, Your Life book.
  • Your personal Writer’s Platform where you can capture and safely store your memories. Writing prompts are included.
  • Monthly Webinars featuring legacy writing experts, guests with motivational stories and tips and tools sessions to help you write your memories.
  • Library of Webinars in case you can’t attend a live session, you’ll be able to catch it at your convenience.
  • Legacy Writer’s Newsletter. This bi-monthly newsletter is more like a magazine with articles, interviews and tips for legacy writing and organize Legacy Writers’ Circles. You’ll keep receiving it as long as your membership is active.
  • 1st month of paid membership, you’ll receive a print copy of Your Legacy, Your Life book.
  • 2nd month of paid membership, you’ll receive a print copy of A Final Request booklet in print format. It includes spaces for writing your end of life decisions to help those left behind make those difficult decisions.
  • 3rd month of paid membership, you’ll receive the Me and My Family digital booklet. This colorful booklet is excellent for helping younger kids share their thoughts about family members.
  • 6th month of paid membership, you’ll receive a print copy of I Wish You Happiness: Creating an Ethical Will (Legacy Letter) for the People You Love. This beautiful book describes what a legacy letter is, who you should write them for, what can be included and when they can be given to the intended.
  • 1 Year of paid membership,  you’ll get a $40 discount on all book layout and design services. Once you have written your stories, we’ll help you put them into a book format.


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